Friday, February 10, 2012

My Skin Saver

Good Morning!  Happy Friday to all of you.  This week, I wanted to write a review of my new, favorite products...Calming Body Wash and Calming Itch-Relief Treatment from Eucerin!  The last weeks of my second pregnancy have not been kind to me, or my skin.  I have developed a horrible skin sensitivity during week 36, that just causes me to itch all night long.  While my OB suggested Hydro-cortisone cream, it just wasn't working for me.  I felt like I was constantly applying it.  Therefore, out of solutions, I went to CVS and purchased these calming products by Eucerin. 

Once I got home from the pharmacy, I jumped in the shower to use the body wash.  It is a daily shower oil, and a very different consistency from what I am used to.  As a girl who loves products, I am used to foamy, lathery body washes that smell like coconuts or other exotic fruits.  Calming Body Wash is a fragrance free oil that is made with omega oils.  Once you work it into your hands, the product makes a nice lather.  Once I applied it, it felt wonderful on my skin.  It is soothing and feels so hydrating.  It helps so much with the itching too.  I have been using it twice daily in the shower and it definitely alleviates the itch.

After the shower, I follow up with Eucerin's Calming Itch-Relief Treatment.  This cream is amazing!  It is extremely hydrating and it does stop the itch.  My skin feels so soft and smooth.  The product is advertised as "Immediate Itch-Relief" and for me, it does provide just that.  It is made with an oatmeal formula and is gentle enough for use on children and people with sensitive skin.

In summary, I am impressed with Eucerin!  My OB, as well as articles online say that once my daughter is born, this itchy rash will go away.  However, I will continue to use these products.  I am a huge fan of self-tanner, but can now see the drying effect it has had on my skin.  My skin feels amazing now and I don't want that to stop.  Thank you Eucerin for saving my skin, and my sanity!  Being 9 months pregnant and up all night itching was no fun.  These products have helped with that.

Thanks for reading.  I hope that you have a wonderful day!


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