Friday, January 27, 2012

My Accutane Success Story

Happy Friday!  I have recently read a lot of information on Twitter about the powerful acne drug Accutane.  While I know that there is a lot of negative side effects, I am an Accutane success story.  As an Esthetician and a blogger, I feel that it is important to write about my story because I believe that under the right circumstances, and to the right patient, Accutane can be a miracle drug, as it was for me!

I took Accutane, also known as Isotretinoin, when I was a junior in college.  It was back in the late 1990's, before some of the very harsh side-effects were brought to light.  I had struggled with acne since I was in the 4th grade and my dermatologist went through so many treatments with me in that period of time.  I was on mild topical creams, medicated soaps, Tetracycline, Minocycline, Retin-A and a host of others.  He had suggested Accutane while I was in high school, to which my parents strongly objected.  My acne started with black and whiteheads on my face, but over time, traveled to my neck, back, and chest.  It got to the point where my face was so red and inflamed that it would sting and bleed while I patted my face after washing it.

By the time I was in college, my acne was horrible and I had major self-confidence issues.  I would wake up two hours early just to cover my skin in makeup before my roommates were up.  My cover-up process would continue all day, and I would even wash my face and put fresh makeup on before I went to Cross Country practices.  No matter what I did, my acne would not go away.  In the summer, I fried my light Irish skin because I believed that the sun would clear it up.  This has come back to haunt me though because I had my first skin cancer removed from my face at the age of 28.

Finally, at 20 years old, I was so miserable and had to do something.  When my dermatologist suggested again that I take Accutane, I eagerly let him write me the script.  As I remember, I had to start an oral contraceptive as a precaution. ( Accutane is a strong derivative of Vitamin A that it is linked to serious birth defects and miscarriages).  I also had to have my liver enzymes tested before I could be cleared for the drug.  Once I started taking the Accutane, I had to get blood work done monthly, including a liver workup and a pregnancy test in order to get the next month's supply. 

I did have some minor side effects.  My skin and lips became quite dry.  In fact, my lips have never really come back from taking Accutane, and that was over 13 years ago.  Sun sensitivity was another side effect and I had to take extra precautions being outside, making sure to slather on a high SPF.

In the end however, after a six-month course of Accutane, my acne was cured!  Other than an occasional monthly breakout, my skin is clear!  I am so thankful to have been able to take this drug.  With clear skin, my confidence improved and I felt so much better.  I always thought that with acne, I was ugly and that other people thought I was dirty because I couldn't take care of my face.  Once it cleared, it was amazing how much more outgoing I became and I took more pride in my appearance.

Accutane has become quite controversial however since I took it back in the 90's.  It takes a drastic toll on a person's body and in my opinion, not every person is right for taking this drug.  Accutane works by essentially shutting down your oil glands, so that they don't produce any more oil.  This is the main reason why patients taking the drug experience very dry skin.  According on one website, the real controversy lies in that 90 percent of women, and nearly half of the teens who are receiving accutane suffer only from mild cases of acne ( ).

My case of acne was not mild.  Accutane is suggested for people who have severe cases of grade 3 and grade 4 acne.  Grade 3 acne constitutes as moderately severe acne with blackheads, whiteheads, pustules, and cysts.  It is very frequently red and inflamed.  Scarring starts if a person picks at their skin.

Grade 4 acne constitutes as having numerous black and whiteheads and pustules with a large number is cysts on the face, chest,and back.  In this stage, acne can occur in over 50% or more of the face.

In looking at the grades of acne, it is clear that Accutane isn't right for everyone.  It is not intended for a person with a few black and/or whiteheads.  However, for me, it was a great success.  I feel badly for those who have been on this drug and experience some of the very harsh reactions such as depression, strokes, or worse.  My point in writing this post was just to get a success story out there.  Thanks so much for reading!   

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

A Flip Flop Fantasy on Pink Wednesday

Happy Pink Wednesday!  This week, I am wearing China Glaze's Flip Flop Fantasy.  This incredibly bright pink polish transports me to an island far away.  It is a tropical shade of pink that almost borders on a pinkish-coral color.  It is so bright in fact, that it looks like it might glow in the dark.  I picked it up yesterday at Sally's on a promotion sale while it was 60 degrees out.  I was feeling spring in the air and this color, along with its name, immediately appealed to me!  

Flip Flop Fantasy, in my opinion, is an exceptionally fun summer color that is fabulous on the nails, but also on the toes.  If I were a few years younger and going on spring break, this would be the polish I would choose.  While my pale and dry winter skin does this polish no justice, I think that with a spray tan, it would look so much better.  I hope that you enjoy it and enjoy your day.  Thanks so much for reading!  

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Nail Terminology Tuesday

My Hyponychium (the skin under my nail tips)

More Hyponychium

Welcome to another week of Nail Terminology Tuesday!  This week's term that I want to review is Hyponychium.  This is the thickened skin between your fingertip and the free edge of your nail plate.  If you are looking at your nails, it is the thick skin underneath the tips.  This skin serves a big function.  It forms the protective barrier that keeps pathogens from getting in and infecting your nails.

Since the hyponychium is so important, it is crucial to stop biting your nails if you are a biter.  You are placing yourself at risk of infections, viruses, and fungus.  It is also important to pay close attention when clipping your finger nails and toe nails.  If you have ever cut them too short, and your skin hurt and was red, then you cut your hyponychium.  Please watch out for this area of skin when you get a manicure or pedicure in a salon.  The nail tech should NEVER cut or nip this area!

I hope that this information is helpful to you.  E-mail me if you have any questions about the nail anatomy or a disease or disorder of the nail.  Come back tomorrow for another Pink Wednesday manicure and I will post more technical nail info. next Tuesday.  Enjoy your day!

Monday, January 23, 2012

A Fabulous Bracelet that Supports Animals

Happy Monday!  Hope that you had a great weekend. While I usually post a manicure on Mondays, this week, I wanted to show you my new, fabulous Alex and Ani Bracelets!  I just can't get enough of them!  As a jewelry lover, I think that these bangles are so pretty and unique.  I own seven of them at this time and just keep wanting more.  They are so stylish and reflect parts of my personality, as well as how I may be feeling on a particular day.

My newest bangle from Alex and Ani is my favorite...the Paw Print!  It is from their Charity by Design line that donates a portion of its proceeds to a worthy cause.  The Paw Print obviously supports an animal charity.  I like to layer this bangle with my Love and Happy bracelets, because my own cats bring so much love and happiness to my family and my home.  I rescued them from the street, and am very passionate about helping homeless pets.  We have to be their advocate, because they can't advocate for themselves.  (Also on my arm is my Alex and Ani Sapphire Luxe Bead bracelet.  I chose this beauty because of the deep blue color.  I wear it with all my Alex and Ani bangles.) 

The Paw Prints Expandable Wire Bangle in Russian Silver, cost me $28.00 and I purchased it directly from Alex and Ani's website  20% of each bracelet sold goes directly to the Mayor's Alliance for NYC's Animals  This organization focuses on supporting, healing, and finding caring homes for dogs and cats.  The Mayor's Alliance for NYC's Animals, according to their website and twitter account is "a coalition of more than 150 animal rescue groups and shelters working with the city of New York to find homes for every cat and dog in the city who needs one."  Its goal is to make New York City No-Kill.  As a person who has three amazing cats that I found on the street, I am so happy to sport this bangle.  I feel that by wearing it, I am supporting such a worthy cause.  I believe that this Paw Print is a must for any animal supporter/animal lover!  Thanks so much for reading.  Have a fabulous evening!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

NFL Championship Sunday-Inspired Mani

 Happy Sunday!  It is cold out, there is a snow on the ground here in New England, and the Patriots are playing at home in the AFC Championship Game!  With it being such an exciting day, I couldn't help but be inspired to polish my nails with a New England Patriots theme!  The team colors are red, white, and blue.  However, silver is often incorporated into the logo and gear.  Therefore, I used China Glaze's Blue Year's Eve for my blue.  I LOVE this blue because it is a rich, royal blue that looks amazing in the middle of winter.  I polished two coats of Blue Year's Eve on my thumb, middle finger, and pinkie.  To incorporate the silver into this mani, I used OPI's Silver Shatter over the blue.  I really like this combination.  It creates an icy-blue look that reminds me so much of a cold winter day...much like today!

Finally, I used OPI's Big Apple Red on my index and ring finger to finish this Patriots-inspired manicure.  This red is one of my favorites because I think it is a classic American red!  I could have used some White Crackle or Shatter over the red, but decided that less is more in this case. 

I hope that you enjoy this look!  If you are a football fan, enjoy the games.  GO PATRIOTS!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Pink Wednesday in Florentine Fuchsia

Happy Pink Wednesday!  This week, I am wearing one of my favorite OPI polishes...Florentine Fuchsia!  This pink beauty came in my nail school kit and have loved it ever since.  It is such a beautiful color that looks so rich and creamy on the nail.  I adore the color pink and always feel good wearing it on my tips.  For the last few weeks, I have worn lighter shades of this hue, but today I wanted something deeper.  Therefore, sporting Florentine Fuchsia was an obvious choice for me.  It really is my go-to polish when I don't really know what else to wear.  Florentine Fuchsia is a great shade of pink that looks great year round and is a classic for me.

Thanks so much for reading!  Enjoy your day!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Nail Terminology Tuesday

Happy Tuesday!  Hope that you are having a great day.  As I mentioned last week, on my blog, I tend to post more about polishes because pretty nails are so much fun!  I really enjoy painting my nails as it is my downtime when my son is sleeping.  However, as a Licensed Nail Tech, I am also very passionate about both the anatomy and the disorders of the nails.  I strongly believe that this information, as well as proper sanitation, is the most important content for Nail Techs to know.  A well-informed Nail Tech translates to a well cared for, and well informed client.  Therefore, I want to dedicate Tuesdays on The Spa Mom to this crucial information.

The first piece of information that I want to start with is defining the Natural Nail.  The natural nail's technical term is ONYX.  It is mostly made up of keratin, which you may already know is the protein found in your hair and skin.  The nail plate protects the tips of your fingers and toes.  Their appearance can reflect the general health of the body.  When your natural nails are healthy, they should have a white or see-through appearance, with a nice pink color showing through.  The pink color is a healthy nail bed, which is the skin that the nail sits on top of. 

While your natural nail may look like it is dry and hard, it has a surprisingly higher water content.  Believe it or not, the natural nail is made up of 15 to 25% water.  This water is what gives the nail its flexibility.  When the water content is low, the nail becomes dry and brittle.  The best way to keep the nail moist, and improve its flexibility, is to use either an oil-based conditioner, or use nail polish! 

As a nail tech, I have heard people say that the nail needs to breathe and keeping polish on them all the time is detrimental.  In my opinion, keeping your nails polished with either a clear coat or colored lacquer is what keeps the natural nail strong!  What I recommend, especially this time of year, is to keep the nail polish onand use a cuticle and nail oil for moisture.  I use OPI's AVOPLEX Nail and Cuticle Replenishing Oil nightly, and I try to apply it at least once during the day.  I have found that since I have been using this product, my cuticles are in better shape and my natural nails feel better.  There are other products out there that will accomplish the same thing, but this product is what I know and like to use.

I hope that this post has inspired you to paint your tips and toes and moisturize daily with an oil or conditioning nail treatment.  I feel that it is important to know this information and I want to bring you more every week.  If you have a question about the anatomy or disorder of the nail, please feel free to contact me at or leave a comment on my blog.  Come back tomorrow for another Pink Wednesday post, and I will be working on another Nail Terminology post for next week.  Thanks so much for reading and have a great day!

(This information was written by me, however I used Milady's Standard Nail Technology as an informational resource).

Monday, January 16, 2012

Manicure Monday: Kristen by Zoya

Happy Monday!  Hope that you had a terrific weekend.  This Monday, I am wearing one of my new Zoya polishes!  Zoya had a fabulous promotion at the beginning of the month where they were giving you two free polishes.  One polish that I was lucky enough to obtain was Kristen.  I had to try this one out since it is my name and all.  Kristen is from their FEEL Winter, the New Neutrals collection.  This line features six beautiful shades.  The polishes are just enough color without being too flashy.

Kristen is a creamy, baby blue shade.  It is subtle, with a nice pop of color.  It is pretty, and very lady-like.  This is my first Zoya product, and I really love that it is Formaldehyde and Toluene free, and also a vegan friendly formula.  I am now a Zoya fan and am thankful that they had this wonderful promotion. 

Thanks for reading!  Hope you have a great day.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Weekend Mani: Festive for My Son's Birthday Party

It is finally Friday!  Hope you had a great week.  What are you wearing on your nails this weekend?  I am wearing Did It On 'Em from OPI's Nicki Minaj collection.  I layered Super Bass over it for a very funky look!  I am quite excited about this look though.  While I don't really love it for an everyday look, it is perfect for my weekend plans.

This Sunday is my son's 2nd Birthday Party, and it is a Buzz Lightyear theme.  The lime green color of Did It On 'Em, along with the purple Super Bass shatter match Buzz's Space Ranger outfit.  All of the decorations for the party are lime green and purple, so my manicure fits right in.  I think that the older kids at the party, particularly the girls, will think it is cool! 

Did it On 'Em is the last color of the Nicki Minaj collection.  On the whole, I am impressed with these fun and funky colors from OPI.  The only color that I don't really care for is Metallic 4 Life, which was the black and sliver glitter polish.  I just don't love black on my nails, so I think that my dislike for the polish is a matter of personal preference.  My favorite, by far, is FLY, which is the ocean-colored turquoise shade in this collection.  I actually think that Did It On 'Em would look good with FLY for a bright and fun look.  (To see these colors, look on this blog.  I reviewed them all.)

Thank you so much for reading and I hope that you have a fabulous weekend!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

So Happy to be a Mom

Today is just a quick post, totally unrelated to nail polish, products, or treatments.  Today, for me, is all about being a Mom!  It is my son's 2nd Birthday and I am just so grateful for him!  He has made my life complete and he also makes me a better person.  I love him so much and am so lucky to have him in my life.  He reminds me on a daily basis of what is most important in, health, and happiness! 

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Pink Wednesday in Pink Lingerie

Happy Pink Wednesday!  This week, I am wearing Revlon's Pink Lingerie.  I picked up this color after Christmas with a coupon from Rite Aid.  It is one of their Top Speed Fast Drying Enamels.  This pastel shade of pink is very feminine and pretty.  I think it is a perfect shade of pink because it is not too light and not too funky.  Some pinks, while I love them, are either too bright or a bubble gum shade.  Pink Lingerie achieves a perfectly polished, lady-like look while having some good pigment on the nails.

As I have said before, I also really like the Top Speed Enamel.  These polishes dry so fast and are perfect when you are short on time.  I have polished by nails with two coats of lacquer and a base coat, photographed them, and written this post in under 30 minutes.  That is fabulous because my son can watch the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and I participate in Pink Wednesday this week!  If I had to wait a while for my nails to dry, I don't know if I could have done all of that.

Thanks so much for reading!  Have a great day!

Monday, January 9, 2012

Should You Cut Your Cuticles?

When I first started this blog, I wanted to write more posts about conditions and disorders of the skin and nails.  However, for the last few months, I have done a ton of polish posts because it has been so fun to experiment with color and I feel prettier when my nails are painted.  However, as an Esthetican and a Nail Tech, providing people with good information regarding the skin and nails is important to me.  Therefore, in 2012, I want to commit more to blogging about such content.  Today, I want to start with the question of whether or not you should nip your cuticles.  

The cuticle is that pesty part of the nail that you always want pushed back and trimmed during your manicure.  Why wouldn't you-it makes the polish look so much neater and is one of the main reasons why we get our manicures.  However, these annoying pieces of skin serve such an important purpose.

The cuticle is the dead tissue attached to the nail plate.  This tissue is sticky, and can be very difficult to remove from the nail plate. But as ugly as they can be, cuticles are there to protect you.  The cuticle seals the space between the natural nail plate and the living skin above it to prevent entry of foreign material and microorganisms.  Therefore, they are helping to prevent injury and infection.  When the cuticle is damaged, often times from nipping, germs have an easy entryway into your body.  This is especially true given how many germs your hands encounter on a daily basis (think about door handles, ATM machines, ect). 

The debate has been whether or not to cut or nip the cuticle.  While some nail techs say that it is a must to make the polish look better, others firmly believe that it is harmful and unnecessary to nip.  These nail techs feel that if you soften cuticles and push them back, the client is better off.  They also encourage their clients to push them back at home, especially after getting out of the shower when they are softest.  There are many doctors that agree by saying that in cutting cuticles, it increases the chance of inflammation and infection. Some State Cosmetology Boards have even made it illegal to nip during a manicure or pedicure service.  My state of Massachusetts has banned the cutting of cuticles.  

As a nail tech myself, I have to say that I agree that you should never cut the cuticle.  While I was taught that it may be necessary, with my experience, and in doing my own nails for this blog, I see how detrimental nipping can be.  During nail school, and after I received salon manicures with nipping, my skin right before the cuticle would be extremely red and swollen.  (While cutting cuticles is illegal in Massachusetts, most everyone does it and just hasn't been caught by the board).  Up until recently, I would nip my own cuticles believing that it would make my polish look better.  How wrong I was!  Since I have stopped nipping, my cuticles look better and are in better shape.  I gently push them back after the shower, and once a week, I use  OPI's Avoplex cuticle remover.  I don't get as many hangnails either!  I am trying to moisturize as much as I can using either OPI's Avoplex cuticle oil, or Aquaphor. My best advice to you would be to STOP nipping, and try pushing the cuticle back diligently.  Think about how much more protected you will be from all of the germs and microorganisms floating around out there. 

Thanks as always for reading.  If you have a question regarding the skin or nails, please e-mail me at and I will research and blog about it.

Mani Monday: Metallic 4 Life

Happy Manicure Monday!  I hope that you had a great weekend.  My Monday manicure is from Nicki Minaj's OPI collection.  It is Metallic 4 LifeMetallic 4 Life is a black polish with sliver glitter right in it.  It makes it very easy to create a fun, sparkly look using only one bottle of lacquer.

This polish went on a bit streaky at first, and was almost a grayish-black on the first coat.  The second coat is needed and is what creates the darker look.  If I am being honest, I don't really love this polish on me.  I think I would like it for a Halloween look, but not so much for an everyday polish.  It looks a little bit odd on me.  I also feel that since Nicki Minaj's collection is so bright and fun, the dark color, for me, is a bit of a let down.  I am sure that it will be a big hit for many people, but this mom just isn't loving it.  I have one more, very vibrant color to swatch from this collection.  I am excited about that one and will post it later this week.

Thanks so much for reading!  Have a wonderful day.   

Friday, January 6, 2012

My Weekend Mani: Nicki Minaj's FLY

Happy Friday!  Hope that you had a great week.  Since I wanted to swatch all of OPI's new Nicki Minaj polishes, I decided to wear FLY on my nails this weekend.  I Love the song, and LOVE this color.  It is a bright shade of teal that reminds me of the ocean.  To be honest, today was one of those days where nothing seemed to go right.  I felt a little bit blah, but after I polished my nails with FLY, I couldn't help but feel better.  The vibrant color lifted my mood!  I needed it on this cloudy, January day!  Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012


Happy Pink Wednesday!  Today's look is from the new OPI/Nicki Minaj collection.  I used Pink Friday, which is a polish inspired by her album title.  I love this color!  As I stated on my blog the other day, I really like this collection by OPI.  It features bright and funky colors that are truly unique.

Pink Friday is a very pretty shade of pink.  While I would consider it part of the pastel family of pinks, it is brighter and much more fun than a regular pastel shade.  In participating in Pink Wednesdays, I have tried a few pinks out.  This, by far, is my favorite so far!  It is a shade that can be worn even on such a cold winter New England day without looking out of season.

The Nicki Minaj/OPI collection includes a shatter color called Super Bass.  This is a grape-shade of purple.  I tried this on my ring finger to see how it looked with Pink Friday.  I like this look.  However, in keeping with the theme of ON WEDNESDAYS WE WEAR PINK, I wanted Pink Friday to be the star of the manicure.

Thanks so much for reading!  Have a fabulous day!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Hello everyone!  Thanks to Manicure Mommas, I found out about this awesome promotion.  You can try two bottles of Zoya polish for free, just pay shipping.  Code is ZOYA 2012 and you enter that at checkout.  Deal is from now until January 9, 2012 at 11:59 PM.  I just took advantage of this fabulous deal and you should too!  I don't currently own any Zoya, and I am super excited to try it.  Details listed below. 

In 2012 we want everyone to try Zoya and add some new color to their world.

So from now through 1/9/2012 11:59 PM ET we are going to let you try any* 2 bottles of Zoya Nail Polish for FREE on ZOYA.COM. All you pay is the standard shipping charges. 

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1. Add the 2 Zoya Nail Polishes that you want to try to your cart (as well as any additional merchandise that you would like)

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Monday, January 2, 2012

Product Review: Skinnygirl Mommy COOL YOUR FEET SPRAY

I was quite excited when Bethenny Frankel tweeted that her new skin care line was available at Walmart a few weeks ago.  As a fan of hers, I was interested to see how she would do breaking into the personal care products industry.  As an Esthetician, I am always intrigued by new products, so I had to go online to see what her line had to offer.  Skinnygirl has a wide variety of products, including a line for pregnant mommys.  Therefore, with my swollen, achy feet and legs, Bethenny's COOL YOUR FEET SPRAY jumped off the web page right at me!

I received the product last week and am pretty happy with it!  Since I am a pregnant esthetician, the product ingredients were very important to me.  Before using, I immediately went to my Cosmetic Ingredients Dictionary to look up everything included in the foot spray.  I was impressed!  In my opinion, the ingredients seemed safe and beneficial.  Some of the ingredient highlights include Cucumber extract, which has moisturizing and softening properties, as well as anti-itch and anti-inflammatory qualities.  Glycerin is another fabulous ingredient that helps the skin retain its moisture.  I also really like the Tetrahexyldecyl Ascorbate which is a form of Vitamin C that helps the skin increase its collagen levels and can help to repair effects from UV exposures.

In addition the liking the ingredients, I LOVE this product.  It is cool and refreshing.  The peppermint scent awakens my tired feet, as well as my senses.  It leaves a fresh and cool feel to the feet.  Since I am 33 weeks pregnant still working at the Spa, my feet get very swollen and achy by the end of the day.  I use this spray during work and when I get home, and it provides a little relief.  While I can't completely say that it reduces my swelling, I can say that my feet feel better.  COOL YOUR FEET SPRAY is not only good for mothers, but really anyone.  It is a great product to have on hand for your at-home pedicures or after being on your feet all day.  I could see waitresses, teachers, and anyone who works on their feet benefiting from this product.  

I look forward to trying more of Bethenny's products.  If this spray is any indication of the line, I think it will be great. I also really liked the price point.  This spray only cost me $7.88 on  Add in .97 shipping, and the total cost was less than $9.00!  Loving that deal.

For more information on the Skinnygirl line, go to


Happy New Year!  I hope that 2012 brings you nothing but health and happiness!  I am so excited with my first manicure of 2012.  It is from the new OPI Nicki Minaj collection.  These colors are so vibrant and fun.  When I got them the other day, I wasn't sure if they would be too bright for me.  However, I love them all.  I intend to swatch them all this coming week, and post them daily to my blog.

The first look that I did features Save Me with Super Bass Shatter.  Save Me is a really playful silver glitter polish.  It features not only glitter, but also tinsel-like pieces in the polish.  This glitzy polish has a hologram effect.  It is really gorgeous.  The only downside is that like most glitter polishes, it goes on thin.  I actually applied three coats of polish to each nail as I really wanted to be able to see the silver through the shatter.

The shatter polish, Super Bass Shatter, is amazing!  It is a grape shade of purple that is quite unique.  I think that it looks fantastic layered over the silver glitter.  I am going to play with Super Bass on all of the colors from this collection to see how it works with other shades. 

I hope that you enjoy this fun look.  Come back tomorrow for another color from Nicki Minaj's OPI Collection.  Thanks so much for reading and have a fabulous day!
After 1 coat of polish
After 3rd Coat of polish