Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Pink Wednesday

Happy Pink Wednesday!  I am so excited to participate in my first Pink Wednesday!  For this first week, I chose my favorite polish combination...OPI's LaPaz-Itively Hot with OPI's Teenage Dream layered on top of it.  My nails just look like a party!  The hot-pinkish hue of LaPaz paired with the perfectly pink glitter of Teenage Dream look amazing together!  While I polished two coats of LaPaz on my nails, I really only needed one.  (I always do two out of habit.)  I layered one coat of Teenage Dream on top of it, followed by a top coat.

Whenever I wear this duo, I always get complimented.  The word that I have heard most often about this combination is "FUN". I love the glitter polish too because it helps my manicure last longer.  I hope that you are having an excellent week so far and I thank you so much for reading!

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