Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Nail Terminology Tuesday

Happy Tuesday!  Hope that you are having a great day.  As I mentioned last week, on my blog, I tend to post more about polishes because pretty nails are so much fun!  I really enjoy painting my nails as it is my downtime when my son is sleeping.  However, as a Licensed Nail Tech, I am also very passionate about both the anatomy and the disorders of the nails.  I strongly believe that this information, as well as proper sanitation, is the most important content for Nail Techs to know.  A well-informed Nail Tech translates to a well cared for, and well informed client.  Therefore, I want to dedicate Tuesdays on The Spa Mom to this crucial information.

The first piece of information that I want to start with is defining the Natural Nail.  The natural nail's technical term is ONYX.  It is mostly made up of keratin, which you may already know is the protein found in your hair and skin.  The nail plate protects the tips of your fingers and toes.  Their appearance can reflect the general health of the body.  When your natural nails are healthy, they should have a white or see-through appearance, with a nice pink color showing through.  The pink color is a healthy nail bed, which is the skin that the nail sits on top of. 

While your natural nail may look like it is dry and hard, it has a surprisingly higher water content.  Believe it or not, the natural nail is made up of 15 to 25% water.  This water is what gives the nail its flexibility.  When the water content is low, the nail becomes dry and brittle.  The best way to keep the nail moist, and improve its flexibility, is to use either an oil-based conditioner, or use nail polish! 

As a nail tech, I have heard people say that the nail needs to breathe and keeping polish on them all the time is detrimental.  In my opinion, keeping your nails polished with either a clear coat or colored lacquer is what keeps the natural nail strong!  What I recommend, especially this time of year, is to keep the nail polish onand use a cuticle and nail oil for moisture.  I use OPI's AVOPLEX Nail and Cuticle Replenishing Oil nightly, and I try to apply it at least once during the day.  I have found that since I have been using this product, my cuticles are in better shape and my natural nails feel better.  There are other products out there that will accomplish the same thing, but this product is what I know and like to use.  http://opi.com/

I hope that this post has inspired you to paint your tips and toes and moisturize daily with an oil or conditioning nail treatment.  I feel that it is important to know this information and I want to bring you more every week.  If you have a question about the anatomy or disorder of the nail, please feel free to contact me at thespamom@gmail.com or leave a comment on my blog.  Come back tomorrow for another Pink Wednesday post, and I will be working on another Nail Terminology post for next week.  Thanks so much for reading and have a great day!

(This information was written by me, however I used Milady's Standard Nail Technology as an informational resource).

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