Sunday, December 18, 2011

The 11th Day of Christmas Polishes/Gingerbread Themed

Happy Monday!  I hope that you had a great weekend.   Today is the 11th Day of the 12 Days of Christmas Polishes.  I chose a gingerbread theme for today's look.  It didn't come out the way I wanted it to, but for the sake of time, I had to go with it.

I started this look with a polish made by the skin care company that I work for...Elizabeth Grady.  The name of the polish is Hot Latte and it is a desert colored brown.  While it may not look pretty in the bottle, it looks much nicer painted on the nail.  It is a rich shade that kind of reminded me of gingerbread.  I applied two coats just to give it a little more depth.

The next step was to apply China Glazes' Lightening Bolt, which is their white crackle.  I wanted it to look like the icing on a gingerbread house.  Again, this look was so much better in my mind than it actually turned out to be.  I think that I put the crackle on too thick and in the process, lost sight of the gingerbread color.

Finally, in an attempt to achieve the whimsical, fun look of a gingerbread house, I used a Wet n Wild glitter polish...Party of Five Glitters.  I don't love this polish.  It is a bit watery and I had to really work at it to get enough sparkle on the nail.  While it is a pretty, Christmasey polish, it just didn't look great with this look.

Thanks as always for reading.  Have a wonderful day and come back tomorrow for the final day of the 12 Days of Christmas Polishes.

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