Thursday, December 1, 2011

A Year Round Glow

So I will admit it...I am addicted to having a nice, healthy, summer glow.  I love it so much, that I use my self-tanner and bronzer daily, year round.  I feel gross without it on.  Yesterday, my sister noticed that my arms and legs were white and commented that she hadn't seen the true color of my skin in years.  (I ran out of my favorite self-tanner last week and between work and the Thanksgiving, didn't have time to get a new bottle).  My sister's reaction though forced me to ask this question:  Is it really that bad to use a sunless tanner year round?

As I raced to my local CVS after her comment, I started to think about the science of sunless tanners.  I have heard people comment that self-tanning products couldn't be that good for you and that your skin needs to breathe.  Yet, the main active ingredient in these products is Dihydroxyacetone or DHA.  All this is, is a skin coloring agent.  The DHA has a chemical reaction with the very first layer of your skin, which is the dead layer anyway.  During the reaction, a color change occurs and the DHA literally stains your skin.  Since the product is applied to the dead layer of skin, it is not absorbed into the body.  In my opinion, sunless tanners are completely safe to use.

The second thought that ran through my head during my all out sprint to the body lotion aisle was the many benefits of using a sunless tanner year round.  I feel more confident with a tan and look healthier with a glow.  When I feel better about my self, I am a more confident in all aspects of my life.  Using this product during my pregnancy has helped me tremendously.  The product covers my flaws and makes my growing legs still look fit and toned.  My sunless tanner is also beneficial when I take my son to swim lessons.  Because he is so young, I have to put on a bathing suit and go in the water with him.  This product makes it a little easier for me to put a swim suit on while I am 6-months pregnant.  It also helps to conceal some scaring that I have on my arm from the removal of a skin cancer.

I think that the holiday season is an excellent time for using sunless tanners because of all the parties and events that come up.  By using these products, you can wear a dress without the tights, or really embrace the strapless or one-shoulder tops.  Arms and legs will look tanned and toned. 

 My favorite sunless tanner to use, especially during the winter, is Loreal Sublime Glow.  This product is a daily moisturizer and makes my skin soft and smooth, in addition to tan!  I think that in being a self tanorexic, I am forced to moisturize daily to keep up my tan.  My soft, well-moisturized skin is just an added bonus!  Although I was out of this product for a full week, after one application, my skin is already starting to show that beautiful, healthy glow!   

I am thrilled that this product exists.  It makes this pregnant mom's body image improve and keeps me glowing throughout the year.  I am interested in your thoughts on this subject.  What are your favorite sunless tanners to use?  Do you use these products year round?  E-mail me with any comments or suggestions at  Thanks so much for reading!  Enjoy your day.

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